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American Sign Language Strategy Game

Posted in Serious Game Project with tags , , , on April 3, 2017 by sierraphantom

This week was a little hectic in terms of the project. We did manage to have a short talk with all of us discussing the game idea together, but due to scheduling conflicts on my end, I was not able to attend the longer meeting later in the week. To try and make up for my mistake, I did my sections of the brief before the meeting was held so the group could look it over and send me their critique. With not much critique given, I did my slides based off of my points and prepared for the presentation.

I focused on three different sections. The quick one was a link to similar gameplay, where I chose Fire Emblem: Awakening as an example. With the core of the game being a strategy, the mechanics work in a similar. The input, being sign language, is the key difference.

The next section was the objective one. I talked about how the goal was to win all of the battles utilizing American Sign Language. The player loses if the computer or another player defeats them in battle. This can be determined by skill with the language or skill in organizing a battle. The player can win if they successfully beat the computer or other player in the battle, more so if they beat all of the story missions.

The last section I worked on was the obstacles one. This game has some unique obstacles as the input itself is one for some players. One obstacle is learning ASL if the player doesn’t already know it. Tutorials are provided to help. Another obstacle to conquer is the affinity system. By doing little in between ASL talks between troops, the player can boost the affinity and teamwork from the team. The system of taking turns is also an obstacle as you cannot just charge head first into battle, you have to be strategic. The last one, is the enemy troops themselves. They are the main thing standing in the way of the player’s victory.


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