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VR Colorblind Art Gallery

Posted in Serious Game Project with tags , , on February 18, 2017 by sierraphantom

For this week, our group selected to expand upon an idea about a trippy VR game. At first we were comparing the game to LSD Dream Emulator on the original Playstation, but this idea has evolved into something kinda cool and original. This game focuses on an art gallery and the player has to look through it, but they are colorblind. You have to go into the paintings themselves as well and explore the 3D rendered environments to find a painting of the art gallery the player just came from. Once the player exits that painting scene, the type of color blindness they have changes. So, the player can go from monochromacy, seeing in black and white, to protanopia, confusing black with shades of red. You have to go through every painting in a section to move onto the next one with that one having a different theme from the last.

In terms of participating in the group this week, I set up the formatting for the powerpoint and covered the sections for objectives and obstacles. I formatted the powerpoint so it looked as if it was all made by one person. I wrote that, for the objective, the goal was to get through and experience the entire gallery. In terms of the win and lose conditions, there really is not a way to lose the game, but you can “win” by finishing it. For the obstacles, there are not many. The main one is that the player cannot leave the painting scene until they find the painting of the art gallery inside. Once they find it, they can go back into the gallery and look at another painting. The other obstacle would be that the player cannot move onto the next section of the gallery until all of the painting environments are viewed.



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