Friendly Feelings

This week, we met and did the game brief over Google Hangouts. I was in charge of some different sections this week. Before, I was always in charge of the objective and obstacles sections, but this week I worked on the introduction to game and objectives. We met in the call and worked on the brief together, but parted ways to work on our individual power point slides.

This is what I wrote for the introduction to game section:

“In this game, the player gets to interact with five imaginary friends and play puzzles with them. The player gets to talk to the characters, listen to them talk to each other, and play puzzles with them to teach them social and emotional intelligence. There are characters to represent self-awareness, self-management, motivation, empathy, and social skills and they drive the story by giving the player puzzles to complete. The player has to bring color back into this world by completing the puzzles and talking with these friends. The game has a cartoony look to the characters and backgrounds.”

My blog post from last week is basically an extended version of this, going in depth on who the characters are and what they’re like. Although, the part about color coming back to the world was added this week as a way to get the kids more invested. This way they would be more likely to continue playing and want to help out these characters. Before, we did not have an established story, but now we have an idea of an overarching plot.

In the next section I did, there was not as much information to cover. With obstacles, there really was only one which was that puzzles needed to be completed in order to progress in the story. It’s a fairly straight forward game so there are not many obstacles.




Group Members:

Luke Carpentier –

Kevin Larson – 

Khuong Truong –

Darius Watts –

Nicolas Kruzel –


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