A Braille Text Adventure

HumanWare BrailleNote Apex BT 32 Braille Notetaker

This week, with a slightly different group, we were assigned the topic of disabilities. With such a broad topic, we could choose any disability to focus on. For one of our choices, we wanted to do something with vision impairment. With one of my friends being legally blind and knowing what a braille note taker is, I offered the idea of a text adventure for the the technology. My friend has a few, so this is not a completely new concept and it is not too hard to put documents and these text adventures on there. The main issue I know of is that some symbols and punctuation don’t always translate correctly to the system, so the biggest focus would be on quality assurance to make sure odd typos and errors do not happen. Since the game is being made for this in the first place it should work best on the technology.

The next focus is entertainment for the visually impaired. Unless the game is also put on PC, it will only be accessible for the visually impaired who own a braille note taker. The story for this text adventure is about the player character being stuck in a room and having to solve puzzles to get out of the room. The game has different endings based on what the player does while in the room. There will be some endings where the character dies, a few where they survive, and then one true ending. The player gets paragraphs of text describing the room or items when they type in commands like “inspect key” or “look at room.” Some puzzles specifically involve braille so there is a learning curve if this game were to be put on PC for the non-visually impaired.

Games similar to this would be the Zero Escape series or the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Text Adventure. The genres are puzzle and text based adventure.


Group Members:

Luke Carpentier – https://lukecarpentier.wordpress.com/

Kevin Larson – https://kevinlarsonblog.wordpress.com/ 

Khuong Truong – https://dysfunctionalthinking.wordpress.com/

Darius Watts – https://badcoffeesite.wordpress.com/blog/


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