Art Game Research

Sometimes called an “art house” game, art games are created with the intention of being art. It is also said that the PC is one of the best places for art games to be on and flourish as it is the easiest platform to access from a programming and publishing viewpoint. One example of an art game on PC is an obscure title called The Path. Based on Little Red Riding Hood, the game focuses on girls of different ages battling their own metaphorical “wolves.” The game is a little clunky, but gets it’s messages across well.

An art game that was more successful in the mainstream market was Flower. Thatgamecompany’s president, Kellee Santiago, actually described the game as a poem, but in video game form. She elaborated further with this quote: “film is a work of art, [but] it alone shouldn’t be the basis of comparison when it comes to developing video games. We examine all manner of art and expression during our development process; especially when we are starting on a new idea.”

When trying to compare art games to other forms of art, critics and everyone else tend to default to comparing them to film. Depending on the game, that doesn’t always work. Jonathan Blow, the creator of Braid, wonders why games can’t be compared to visual art or sculptures since they move people in a similar way.

There are not that many art games that have achieved major commercial success, but one good example of one that has is the Bioshock series. The games were made with being an art game in mind and the first one specifically draws influence from philosophy and even the book Atlas Shrugged. All of the games are extremely popular which is almost unheard of for many art games. Luckily, that list of success is growing with games like Limbo, Inside,  Journey, and more.


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