Making a Game Brief


This week, my group got together and chose an idea to focus on for our game brief and presentation. We chose an interesting yet tough game idea for a simulation rogue-like immigration game. The basic concept is that the player is playing as an immigrant trying to get citizenship in the United States and has to fill out paperwork and answer questions to be approved. The main catch is that if the player makes even one mistake, they lose and have to start over from the beginning as a whole new character.

Most of us worked on the game brief together, discussing each section as we went, but each member was working on and typing up their own section. I focused on the objective and obstacles section, but put in my two cents with most the other sections. We came up with the title for the game “Naturalization: The Drawn Out Process of Uncertain Immigration” together, wanting to be a little witty, but also emphasize how hard the game is by including that you may not win. We mean for this game to be as hard as applying for citizenship in real life. 

With the objective section, I just made sure to cover the goal and how to win or lose:

  • The objective is to become a U.S citizen.
  • The player wins if they fill out all of their paperwork correctly.
  • The player loses if they make one mistake in their paperwork.

With the obstacles, it was simple restrictions and other tasks that make the game harder:

  • The player has switch between the paperwork and other materials.
  • There is a time limit to fill out paperwork.
  • One mistake makes the player have to start over.

Once done with the brief, we moved onto the power point for presenting next week. Each of us made a slide based on the sections we wrote. However, once I was done with mine, I did offer advice on how to make the points more concise on the slide since a presenter is not supposed to have too many words on a slide.



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