Migration Game Idea


In our first group project for Serious Game Project, we were told to come up with an idea for a game on migration. We decided to focus on the side of immigrants trying to move to another country as one of our group members has personal experience with a dangerous journey like this. One of the first ideas that came to mind was an Oregon Trail kind of game, but on the ocean.

In the game, you play as the captain of the boat. You have a group of people board the boat and have some supplies to start with. Once in a while, you will have prompts come up with an event that happens, like damage to the ship, or has a choice. Your choice could either make something good or bad happen.

Along the way there will also be risky minigames that can help get more resources and possible hurt your passengers. The game will be intentionally hard, to reflect on how hard it is to actually leave your country and seek refuge in another in this matter.


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